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Dance Class Descriptions

Our dance studio offers a variety of technique classes in the following dance genres:


Ballet is the foundation of all dance genres. In this class, students will focus on proper technique and discipline as it relates to posture, placement, strength, body awareness, and grace. 


Pre-Pointe / Pointe

Pre-pointe/Pointe class is offered to those with a ballet background. Pre-pointe/pointe dancers will work on proper alignment and conditioning as well as focus on exercises and combinations that will strengthen the muscles necessary to
go en pointe safely and confidently.



Jazz, one of the more popular dance genres, will focus on technique with an emphasis on strength conditioning and stretching, as well as leaps, turns and progressions. Students will also learn different jazz style dance combinations.


Hip hop, which started as a freestyle dance form relying on a variety of dance styles and backgrounds, has become a mainstream favorite for dancers. Although it's emphasis is based on a very personal experience for each individual, students in this class will learn how to bring the best out of their own style. For optimal success, students focus on core strength and endurance to keep up with this often fast-paced dance style. Key focus in class will be on isolations, dynamic moves, footwork and learning a variety of the different hip hop styles. Students will apply what they learn in fun dance combinations and in the art of freestyling.



Breakdancing (also known as b-boy, b-girl or breaking) is a very athletic style of street dance. Many combinations of b-boy will be performed low to the ground and require momentum, strength, flexibility and endurance to pull it off. Students will spend much of class conditioning using breaking moves. As students get stronger, they will learn how to build upon their form and combine moves seamlessly in a freestyle environment.



Contemporary dance is a very popular genre for formally trained dancers. It's an expressive dance form where a dancer uses technique and free form to connect with a story or feeling of a song. Students in this class will work through a thorough warm up, incorporating many of the common contemporary steps. Technique will draw from ballet, lyrical, jazz and modern.


Musical Theater / Tap

Musical Theatre dance is a theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from broadways and musicals. This class will also focus on fundamentals and introductions to singing, voice, scene work, monologue work, tap, and character development. 



The class is designed to promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance, contortion and partner/group stunting for dancers.



Technique is foundational to a dancer's training for safety from injury as well as supporting dance technique. This class will work to increase a dancer’s endurance, strength, stability and flexibility to support their ability to execute steps correctly.

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