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Krista Miller

Master Dance Educator

Amplify Guest Faculty: Technique Class

Krista Miller has worked as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry for several years, beginning as a Los Angeles Laker Girl then going on to work in commercials, television, and film. Her credits include dancing with Jim Carrey in The Mask, the Academy Awards with Debbie Allen, Saved by the Bell, Doogie Howser M.D, North, and Cinderella. Artists she’s performed with include Prince, Barenaked Ladies, Fastball, and Elvis Costello.

While pursuing her career in entertainment, Krista developed her well-known YouTube channel KBM Talent, then eventually The Brea Space dance training studio in Orange County, and The Space TV, an online training and entertainment platform.

The Brea Space is home to the elite Launch training program. Students train 20+ hours a week in all dance styles, plus receive audition prep, journaling classes, on-camera work, and more. Those in school are required to attend school hours at the studio 10+ hours a week. This unique mentor training program gives career guidance to those pursuing a career in entertainment.

The Space TV offers over 300 dance classes in all styles allowing subscribers to take classes from all around the world. We have also produced dance shorts, performances, and concept videos.

With expertise in both dance training and mentorship, Krista has become one of the most sought-after technique instructors in the industry. Her tips and instruction have reached dancers across the globe and have allowed her to train some of the industry’s most elite dancers and students pursuing a career in entertainment.

Her passion for the basic principles of dance technique has made her unique to the teaching field. As most are focused on choreography, she has stayed true to helping students find a better technical balance within their own individual bodies. It is her wish for dancers to have a solid technical foundation that will help them in all styles of dance.

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