Moira Bugler
Moira Bulger - ECDC Co-Owner/Co-Director, Company Head Coach, Hip Hop/B-Boy Instructor
Stephanie Golden
Stephanie Golden - ECDC Competition Coach, Jazz Tech and Strength/Stretch Instructor
Alyssa Allen
Alyssa Allen - ECDC Company Coach, Ballet and Jazz Instructor
Jilyan Perry
Jilyan Perry - ECDC Acro Instructor
Mackenzie Malhotra
Mackenzie Malhotra - ECDC Company Coach, Musical Theater/Tap Instructor
Virsavia Rudenko
Virsavia Rudenko - ECDC Ballet Instructor
Emily Sana
Emily Sana - ECDC Pre-Pointe/Pointe Instructor
Will Wiersma
Will Wiersma - ECDC Company Coach
Casey Marcin
Casey Marcin - ECDC Company Coach/Choreographer
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